Expert Nutrition

Carefully managing what we feed our dogs plays a vital role in their:

    • Health
    • Energy levels
    • Alertness, and
    • Performance

    Happy, healthy, active dogs need balanced nutrition with suitable sources of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.



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    Expert Nutrition cold pressed, grain free dog foods are specially formulated to provide your dog with excellent nutrition and the energy they need to thrive every day. More convenient than having to prepare a raw food diet for every meal, our cold pressed dog food is a complete dog food, and is easy to measure portion size accurately. The cold pressed pellets give your dog something to bite into, and are packed with flavour and real nutrients that your dog will love. It is also an ideal food for weekends away with your dog when preparing and storing a raw diet can be a challenge.

    We use natural ingredients including real meat, with no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings. We add vitamins and minerals from organic sources. To top it off we add coconut oil and a functional protein to give instant digestibility to the food and get your dog off to a great start. This functional protein is non-allergenic and is made in a similar way to yeast extract sandwich spreads. All the ingredients to keep your dog’s mind and body healthy.

    The only thing extra your dog will need is you…


    There are currently 2 standard formulations:


    Expert Active Nutrition is for very busy dogs that may or may not be working. This food is nutrient and energy dense, with a Metabolisable Energy (ME) of 4070 k/cal per kg, and contains 33% protein, 19% fat and 7% fibre, as well as prebiotics and probiotics to set up good gut health.

    When your dog loves to run, and plays a very active part in your healthy life, then Expert Nutrition : Active is what your dog needs.

    Click for more information on Expert Nutrition : Active.


    Expert Nutrition : Balanced is for companion dogs that are a little less active. This food is nutrient dense, with sufficient energy for most companion dogs. It has a Metabolisable Energy (ME) of 3820 k/cal per kg, and contains 33% protein, 14% fat and 7% fibre, as well as prebiotics and probiotics to set up good gut health.

    When your dog enjoys short walks, and prefers to cuddle up to you on the couch rather than to tear around the yard all day, or when your dog has retired from active duties, then Expert Nutrition : Balanced will help you give your dog the happiest healthiest life possible.

    Click for more information on Expert Nutrition : Balanced.


    For dogs that carry a little extra weight than is ideal and need a lower calorie intake, talk to us about Expert Nutrition : Diet (with 33% protein and 7.5% fat).



    There are currently 2 different meat proteins to choose from. These are Kangaroo and Beef *. Your dog may prefer one or the other, however where possible we recommend you alternate the protein sources regularly to give your dog the variety they need. We plan to introduce new proteins and formulations in the future.

    A very easily digestible functional protein is added which helps your dog to get going after a hard day playing or working.

    * Australian beef has a slightly different nutrient profile to beef from overseas, and is globally recognised as one of the best available protein sources.

    Vitamins & Minerals

    Our cold pressed dog food contains additional organic vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog gets a properly balanced meal.

    What is ‘Cold Pressed’ dog food?

    Cold pressed dog foods are relatively new to the Australian market and are made very differently to dry dog food. Our cold pressed dog food is gently pasteurised and dehydrated to increase the shelf life to several months (when stored per the storage instructions). The food is then cold pressed into pellets. Because the cold press process treats the ingredients much more delicately than dry dog food manufacturing, the proteins, flavours, fats, vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics are naturally preserved for your dog to enjoy, easily digest, and thrive on.

    Caring for Cold Pressed dog food

    This is a live food…so you need to take a little care to ensure it is looked after correctly. Storage - keep it in an airtight container in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and observe the use by date on the packet. As with most natural foods, excess heat and moisture can affect the efficacy and shelf life of key ingredients. Please ensure the food is stored in accordance with these instructions.

    More Information About the Dietary Requirements of Dogs

    The best food is one that makes your dog happy and healthy. Dogs are natural scavengers, and like a lot of meat in their diet. They need much higher proportions of fat and protein in their diet than humans. Dogs have a narrow range of vegetables that really suit them. To be useful to dogs, most vegetable matter needs pre-processing or pre-digesting for them.

    Dogs need more help to digest their food when they are stressed...whether it be good stress such as a day of trialling, a long run or a hard day's work, or bad stress such as anxiety.

    Easily digestible dog foods such as Expert Nutrition cold pressed dog foods are an excellent way to help ensure your dog gets all of the nutrients they need to thrive.

    Feeding Guide

    How much you should feed your dog depends on many factors including breed, age, weight, activity level, fertility status, metabolism, etc. Always feed to your dog’s body condition. Below are the feeding guides for Expert Nutrition : Active and Expert Nutrition : Balanced cold pressed dog food, showing the typical daily feed size for an average dog. This is a guide only. Puppies and lactating bitches should be fed approximately double.














    Daily Feed

























    Daily Feed













    Introducing Cold Pressed dog food into your dog's diet

    During the first week or two of feeding Expert Nutrition cold pressed dog food we recommend a gradual changeover from the previous dog food, over 5 to 10 days, as follows:

    Day Portion of Expert Nutrition Cold Pressed Portion of Previous Dog Food
     1 10% 90%
     2 20% 80%
     3 30% 70%
     4 40% 60%
     5 50% 50%
     6 60% 40%
     7 70% 30%
     8 80% 20%
     9 90% 10%
     10 100%  -

    The gradual changeover is not necessary for all dogs, however it is good practice, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. It allows your dog to become accustomed to the new food, and allows the probiotics to start working on gut health.

    If your dog has previously been eating a super premium dry dog food, you will typically find during the first 2-3 weeks that your dog will need to eat around the same portion size as you were previously feeding. During this time, your dog will most likely be benefiting from the high density of nutrients in the cold pressed food, as well as the probiotics establishing good gut health. Improving the gut health of your dog can lead to more efficient digestion, enabling your dog to extract more of the nutrients from the food. You may also notice your dog's energy levels and alertness improve. After 2-3 weeks, your dog may not need to eat quite as much to maintain condition. Some dogs however enjoy greater energy and actively burn this energy off. In this case, you may not notice much change in the portion size required. Portion sizes will vary depending upon several different factors.

    Dogs with Health Issues

    For dogs with specific health issues, your first point of contact should be your vet. However, once a diagnosis has been provided please feel free to contact us to see if we are able to provide a suitably formulated food.

    Questions & Enquiries

    If you have any questions regarding our Cold Pressed grain free dog food or our feeding guides, please contact us at the email address below, leaving your name and phone number, and one our team will get back to you.


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