Tucker Ball

Aussie Dog

Tucker Ball

  • Place a small amount of dry food or dry treats in the opening and give to your dog.
  • As the ball rotates it will dispense food particles at random.
  • The internal restricting device will obstruct the food flow to make the food or treats last longer.
  • When empty the rattle will continue to excite the dog and entice play.
  • 100% Safe and Non Toxic and will not pop, shatter or crack.
  • Comes with 6 months warranty against dog chewing a hole in the ball.


Tucker Ball Large - BTB2 is suitable for Large (30-50+ kg) dogs.

Dimensions 190mm diameter
Weight 0.48 kg


Tucker Ball Medium - BTB1  is suitable for Medium (10-30 kg) dogs.

Dimensions 150mm diameter
Weight 0.3 kg


Tucker Ball Small - BTB3  is suitable for Small (5-10 kg) dogs.

Dimensions 100mm diameter
Weight 0.12 kg


Tucker Ball Mini - BTBM  is suitable for Mini (1-5 kg) dogs.

Dimensions 80mm diameter
Weight 0.07 kg


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