About us

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The LEAP PetCare Team

James Eccleston                          Denis Cody
Managing Director                      Technical Director


LEAP PetCare supports our customers with advice and premium products that have been carefully selected and tested to help your dog reach their potential. Our range of dog nutrition products, interactive toys and training food will ensure your dog has abundant energy and alertness to perform at the highest level.


Our philosophy:

Caring for dog, handler and environment

Every day we strive to provide our customers with convenient access to premium quality dog food and products that have been developed to provide high performance dogs with everything they need to enjoy a happy, healthy and active life.
We focus on holistic dog wellness through evidence based nutrition, training and grooming practices.
We aim to educate, inform, and create a community of like-minded dog owners.
We make searching for ecologically sustainable, premium dog products easy for our customers.