Wee Off

Wee Off is a natural and revolutionary way of removing stains and odour from most soft and hard surfaces such as carpet, mattresses, fabrics, wood, tiles and artificial grass making it ideal for the home, garden and kennels. Wee Off contains billions of friendly bacteria that target and digest any organic matter such as human urine, pet urine, vomit, blood, wine, coffee and food, eliminating the source of the problem rather than masking it.

The friendly bacteria contained in the Wee Off produces enzymes formulated to degrade and eliminate all components of urine such as urea, uric salt and uric acid crystals whilst leaving a fresh fragrance, permanently eliminating nasty urine smells and removing urine stains. Wee Off contains different strains of bacillus bacteria capable of producing enzymes, resulting in extremely powerful biological products which break down and digest the source of the problems. The friendly bacteria are capable of multiplying every 15 minutes, increasing their population whilst creating and releasing enzymes and bio-surfactants that work effectively on organic sources taking all the hard work out of cleaning.

Wee Off does not have any dangerous ingredients, so it does not pose any risk to humans or pets. If you have pets, we recommend allowing the Wee Off to air dry before allowing pets to come back to the treated area.